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Mentoring Services

This Guide provides a very brief overview of the export process. Text on each topic is designed to introduce the members of the South Carolina District Export Council (SCDEC) who have agreed to serve as mentors on that topic. Many organizations exist in this state and nationally that also can provide assistance; no effort has been made to be all-inclusive. The SCDEC mentor program exists to provide limited free advice and assistance by experienced export professionals to businesses with problems related to the export process.

Export Guide

(Download PDF | Word)




I.  Introduction (Download PDF | Word)

A. The Role of the South Carolina District Export Council

B. Exporting in South Carolina

C. Reasons for Exporting

II. Initiating the Sale (Download PDF | Word)

A. Market Research

B. Export Methods

C. Product Preparation

D. Service Exports

E. Buyer Identification

F. Negotiating an International Sales Agreement

G. Business Travel

III. Making The Sale (Download PDF | Word)

A. Selling in Overseas Markets

B. Evaluating Foreign Representatives.

C. Pricing the Product, Quotations, & Terms of Sale

D. Complying with Export Regulations

IV. Completing the Sale (Download PDF | Word)

A. Documentation, Shipping and Logistics

B. Methods of Payment

C. Export Transaction Financing

D. After Sales Service

E. Technology Licensing and Joint Ventures

V. Appendix- S.C. District Export Council Membership Directory (Download PDF | Word)

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