Relaxation Response Exercise

Here are some relaxation exercise that are great for stress management, pain, blood pressure control, emotional problems, and insomnia.


You must concentrate on your principle deepest belief and find how to express it in a few words. This will be your Sacred Words. It can be a short prayer or even a key word of a prayer. It may be a name of the highest importance to you. A good example is the sacred word “Aum.”

Start Position:

Sit upright with your legs crossed if sitting on the floor, and uncrossed if sitting on a chair. Uncross your hands in any case.


Look straight in front of you, don’t focus your eyes. Relax the stomach. Close your eyes. Do not control your breathing. Do not try to breathe deeply. Do not try to hold the breathing.

Breathe comfortably and simply watch the breathing. Brush away any thoughts or sensations and concentrate on breathing in and out.

Start repeating your Sacred Words with every exhalation.

Don’t get upset if uncontrolled thoughts occur, just say “Oh well…” and return to the exercise.

After 10 minutes of performing this exercise, read passages relating to the key word or prayer and meditate on this theme (you have to prepare the reading in advance).

Do this exercise every time you have emotional or health problem.

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